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Our story

Okanii’s globally patented platform was invented and designed by a team of industry experts in payments, banking, cryptography, cybersecurity, and cloud technology who understood the problems of moving money and value both domestically and internationally.


We wanted to tackle the biggest challenges facing the world and there is no single bigger problem than the monetization, accumulation, and distribution of value itself. The result? Okanii built the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce.

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Our mission

Our mission is to tokenize all the world's value and empower everyone, everywhere.

Our goal is to power prosperity and fundamentally make the world a better place.

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Web 4.0

The web was designed to be independent and decentralized to support the free sharing of ideas and information. It was a pure creation to raise the knowledge, skills and opportunities for all of humanity. A “rising tide raises all boats” metaphor. The Internet of Value should adhere to this same original decentralized, altruistic ethos.


As such, anyone who holds value should be able to tokenize it is such a way to simplify both the ownership and transferability of it to anyone, instantly.

internet of things

The internet of value

Money is the world’s single greatest invention, it touches everything and everyone and is the basis of our global economy. It fuels the engine of growth, innovation, and prosperity globally.


Okanii believes that the significant friction in moving value around, (old products over old systems) has negatively curbed the potential of humanity itself. 


Okanii’s platform has made the tokenization, transfer, clearing and settlement of all the world's assets ubiquitous, riskless, atomic, and frictionless.


We are at the cusp of the 4th Revolution, we need to be able to move value as simply as we send an email.

The internet of things
& micropayments

True micropayments have been the holy grail of the payments industry for over 20 years. But they have remained elusive because both cash and electronic transactions are too expensive for real micropayments.


  • Cash is physical, so it doesn’t work online.

  • Electronic transactions are based on identity and are too expensive to support micropayments.

  • DLTs are not a sustainable technology for micropayments in terms of cost, speed, and scalability.


The only way to truly support micro-payments at scale is to design a platform that can profitably move micropayments on a global scale.


Okanii's platform can profitably support micropayments as low as $0.01 on a global scale. This level of pricing granularity will usher in a revolution as every conceivable business model can now be supported. Welcome to the Tokenization Economy.

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Okanii crypto

What's in a name?

Okanii Inc. takes its name from the word ‘Okane’ お金 (おかね)
– the polite expression for money in Japanese.


The word ‘Okane’ consists of 2 parts:

  1. ‘O’ – a prefix used to make the following word polite.

  2. ‘Kane’ – metal, gold, money, small coins.


Putting the two together results in ‘Okane’ – the polite way to say money.
We then took the ‘e’ and replaced it with two ‘ii’s. The two ‘ii’s represent two people as there are always two parties in a transaction.


And the ‘O’? It further represents the coin, the token, the world …
all encompassed as one.


Finally, the four corners in our main logo represent our ‘four corner’ platform enabling digital value instantly across all four corners of the world.

Okanii One
Okanii Ignite
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