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One solution. One platform. One payment.

Making commerce simple, safe, and virtually free.

Okanii One


Okanii built the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce. We are experts in banking, payments, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure, and we are solving some of the world's toughest problems in partnership with global institutions.

Highly Profitable

Most payment products are not profitable on a standalone basis. Okanii platform provides banks with the most profitable payment product ever devised. Additionally, our solution has minimal cost outlays, overheads and supports new business models such as micropayments.

Substantial Cost Savings

Okanii is designed to be the most efficient payment product devised. We highly secure a non-identity-based coin at the bank level, leverage the low distribution cost of the internet and eliminate the cost of private closed networks to processed transactions. By separating personal identity validation from financial validation of money, we are able to achieve the lowest costs in the industry.


Say goodbye to Fraud & ID Theft. With no identity/account to defraud, banks and merchants globally will save tens of billions annually with Okanii.

Single Solution

Okanii supports any currency in any denomination, macro-payments to micro-payments, in any payment scenario; P2P, C2B, and B2B. This provides banks with the ability to streamline operations and significantly reduce costs by offering a single payment mechanism across multiple payment verticals.

New Business Opportunities

Okanii has broken the operational costs barriers of current account referencing systems have been unable to achieve. With the Okanii system, micro-payments in denominations as small as USD$0.01 per transaction are now possible and profitable for everyone. Okanii will fundamentally change the scope of markets by enabling the monetization of virtually any business model in any type of economy.

Keep Control

Okanii licenses its platform to FI’s (banks, carriers, etc.), FI’s keep control of their brand, customers, and data.

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