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True friction-less micropayments will usher in a global revolution.

Making $0.01 payments profitable monetizes everything.

The lack of micropayments has curbed the potential growth of the global economy and distorted dynamics and ecosystems, Okanii’s DAT platform will usher in a golden era for everyone. Being able to move a $0.01 anywhere, anytime is about true freedom everywhere.


Supporting payments as low as



Cost reduction



Asset types on a single platform


On a global scale

Market problems

Quite simply, true micropayments don’t really exist, they are as common as the elusive purple unicorn.

So, the real industry problem is that there is no industry because the existing payment rails do not support profitable micropayments.

In regards to DLT cryptos like Bitcoin, you can make a $0.01 payments, but the underlying subsidized cost of a Bitcoin transaction is $200 ... not exactly sustainable.

Okanii’s DAT platform solves this.

Image by Usman Yousaf
Global innovation


Micropayments are the elusive 'holy grail' in the payments industry. Until now, no one has been able to build a profitable micropayment solution because they were built on top of existing identity-based ledger models which are too expensive.


The lack of a micropayment solution has distorted markets and has led to the development of alternative structures to support/monetize business models. For example, most digital content or social network platforms rely on either advertising, subscription and/or data monetization-based business models because existing payments do not support micropayments.


Thus, the entire growth of the internet has been based on these alternative models because there has never been a way to economically offer micropayments. Providing free personal data has been the currency of the internet.


Okanii’s model changes this as it is the only solution that can economically process an end-to-end transaction for a fraction of a penny. The ability to profitably move $0.01 in real-time will support the monetization of every single business model. In this automated pay-per-click 'metered' model, a $0.01 payment is an instantaneous subconscious decision.


One would not think for a second about spending a penny, and this will be one of the keys of the micropayments/tokenization economy. Hundreds of trillions of $0.01 adds up quickly.

Okanii digital currency.jpeg

Okanii built the Internet of Value (IOV) infrastructure so people can move any asset to anyone anywhere instantly.

Okanii’s IOV chart compares the six pillars required for a true IOV platform, the precursor to the tokenization economy.


Six pillars of the Internet of Value comparison

Note: Cost figures from 2018 Payments Canada “Cost of Payments in Canada” whitepaper.

Tokenization economy

Even beyond the micropayment eco-system, is the tokenization economy, which is the automated payment between machines without any human intervention. We are well into the machine age and the number of connected devices already exceeds the global population by a factor of 2x, and this is expected to grow to 5x within the next 5 years (37.5B devices).


Not only are existing payment systems old and archaic, but they were built for people, not for machines. This will change over the next 5 years as autonomous Machine-2-Machine (M2M) payments become a necessity.


Okanii’s platform not only solves all the problems in the payment space for all stakeholders across all use-cases, but the platform also supports these new M2M use-cases that are impossible to economically support with current payment technologies.

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