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payment technology

P2P. C2B. B2B. ANY2ANY. ANY AMOUNT > $0.01

Making commerce simple, safe and virtually free.

A new global standard for the digital transmission of value.

Monetizing the world $0.01 at a time.



Our vision

We have a dream - to power prosperity and fundamentally change the world. Forever.
We intend to have the biggest positive impact that the world has ever seen by expanding and creating sustainable opportunities through the frictionless transfer of value.




The single greatest invention in the history of the world which has had the greatest impact on the advancement of civilization wasn't the printing press, the steam engine, or even the entire industrial revolution.


It was money - a medium of exchange that carries intrinsic value within the instrument itself which facilitated trade on a global basis.

The future

This dependency on identification and authorization is the fundamental flaw of our existing payment eco-system creating a whole host of risks and expenses.


There is a better way.


Move the cash paradigm into the digital world.

Global need

Physical money has not kept up with the current needs of our global world. As a result, the world shifted to electronic payments.


These current payment models are account based technologies which are based on two fundamental pillars - identification and authorization.


The internet is about the freedom of information, ideas and knowledge.


True digital money is about
global economic freedom.


The ability to instantly move $0.01 anywhere is about

Empowering Everyone, Everywhere®.


Digital cash monetizes every conceivable business model

- creating a world of possibilities.

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