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Faster. Safer. Low cost. Loyalty.

A new global standard for the digital transmission of value.

Okanii One


Okanii built the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce. We are experts in banking, payments, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure, and we are solving some of the world's toughest problems in partnership with global institutions.


Okanii has been designed to be the fastest payment product and significantly reduce the tender process. With no identification and authentication required, our solution takes milliseconds to complete.

Save More

Okanii allows merchants to realize substantial cost savings over existing payment mechanisms by reducing transaction costs, eliminating fraud and charge-backs and providing instant availability of funds.


Okanii is the safest way to carry, spend and pay. Our single-use tokens are based on the highest cryptography available and carry no personal information, so there is nothing to steal. There are no PCI costs as well.


We provide merchants with a fully integrated customizable loyalty program.


Perfect balance. Consumers want privacy/anonymity and merchants need sku-level customer info for marketing purposes. We give everyone what they want.

New Business Models

Okanii unique technology allows for the efficient and economical processing of micro transactions as low as $0.01. This opens up a whole host of new business models that were not economically possible before.

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