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The world’s most advanced platform for global transactions.



Okanii has built a quantum-tokenization platform to solve all the problems in the payments and value transfer systems for all parties. It is the opposite of blockchain, it is a digital asset technology, which digitizes the cash model versus the ledger model. As a result of this architecture, banks, telco’s and other providers will be able to digitally mint every asset type in the world (181 different fiat currencies, new currencies, and tens of thousands of stocks, bonds, commodities, identity, real estate, etc.) and their customers will be able to securely transfer all of these multi-assets on a single platform instantly across any use-case (P2P, C2B, B2B, X2G) at global scale (MM/transactions per second) for a fraction of a penny per transaction.

This is a 100x cost reduction over existing systems. The ability to profitably move $0.01 in real-time will have profound implications in the world as it will allow the monetization of every conceivable business model in the world. Okanii is going to do for value what the internet did for data.

The platform is the lowest cost, most secure, highest scalability solution with the flexibility to work across all use-cases providing ultimate interoperability and ubiquity. Our mission is to have the biggest positive impact on the world and usher in the next revolution –

“The Hyper-Tokenization Revolution”.

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If you are a Bank, Merchant, Processor or Developer in the payment eco-system,
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