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One platform for every scenario.

Creating a world of possibilities.

Okanii’s DAT platform is built for designing decentralized tokenization marketplaces to securely transfer any asset instantly between anyone, anywhere, and meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and availability for mission-critical use cases.


Supporting payments as low as



Cost reduction



Asset types on a single platform


On a global scale


Okanii solves real problems in financial services, capital markets, and alternative asset industries. Our platform tokenizes every asset in the world on a federated, de-centralized platform and securely transfers it to anyone instantly for near-zero cost.

Picking Weeds

Coming soon - Financial Inclusion

Profitably bank the 1.7 billion unbanked, plus the billion+ underbanked.

The ability to profitably send $0.01 in real-time anywhere is about empowering everyone, everywhere and fundamentally permitting banks, governments, and businesses to bring onboard billions of new consumers into the economy all the while drastically reducing the cost of operating electronic financial transactions globally.

Watch this space.
More solutions are in the making.

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