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Move any asset anywhere instantly with virtually zero risk and zero cost.

Okanii’s DAT platform is built for designing decentralized tokenization marketplaces to securely transfer any asset instantly between anyone, anywhere, and meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and availability for mission-critical use cases in financial services.

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Okanii built the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce. We are experts in banking, payments, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure, and we are solving some of the world's toughest problems in partnership with global institutions.

Decentralized tokens

Decentralized mints

Federating the mints/DBs between all FIs/custodians allows for unmatched scalability, sustainability, and efficiency.

Okanii tokens


Tokenizing assets into self-contained separate individual tokens allows for interoperability between all asset types and all use-cases.

Identity & privacy

Validating the individual tokens versus a person's identity/transaction history virtually eliminates fraud/theft and reduces operational costs to the lowest levels in the industry.

Multi-asset wallets

Hold any asset in your wallet or anywhere else. Programmable individual digital assets without the need for any rail.

4th Revolution

The 4th Revolution is here, and it will be bigger than all three prior revolutions combined. This “efficiency” revolution is about making everything cheaper, faster, and better based on the cumulative benefits of foundational technologies such as cheap energy, high processing power, ubiquitous bandwidth, A.I., IoT, robotics, automation, etc. 


Everything will be digitized, interconnected, and move at the speed of light which will create both massive disruptions and opportunities.


Payment systems are not designed to support this and DLT architectures are neither sufficient, sustainable, nor scalable for retail-level commerce at a global scale, let alone micro-payments.


The world needs an Internet of Value, now.

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Inefficient trade




Medium of exchange



Electronic Transactions


Credit Card Purchase



Distributed ledger technology

Okanii -The Future Of Money



Digital asset technology

Okanii cryptocurrency

Okanii - The future platform


Money has been around in one form or another for the past 14,000 years. It can be traced all the way back to 12,000 BC with Obsidian tips which were traded. There have been multiple different products and stages to the history of money, but they can be broken down into two current categories - cash and electronic transactions.

At Okanii, we analyzed the payments industry in its entirety and all of its problems, and developed the right architecture that removes the costs and limitations of physical cash as well as the costs and problems of the identity-based ledger models – ultimately creating “the best of both worlds”. The Okanii architecture also works across any use-case with any asset type, thus making it future-proofed forever – making it the world's most advanced platform for global transactions.

The evolution of money

All money falls into two different categories, each has its own distinct problems and Okanii has merged the best parts of each while eliminating the problems of both.


Coins and bills are a possession-based model - you have physical possession of a series of individual assets and these individual assets themselves are validated independent of the holder of the assets.

All physical assets share the same traits:

  • Possession-based (money, gold, real estate, corn, etc.).

  • Non-identity-based (i.e. validate the instrument, not the person).



  • The physical nature of cash makes it expensive, the process is manual and limits its use-cases.


Debit, credit, cheque, certified cheque, bank draft, EFT/ACH transaction, bank wire, Bitcoin, DLT, etc. ledger-based models where the bank holds the value and transaction instructions are based on authentication and authorization of the person (i.e. identity) not the instrument itself.

All ledger-based assets share the opposite traits of cash:

  • Non-possession-based (value resides on the ledger).

  • Identity-based (i.e. validate the person, not the instrument).



  • Dependency on identity makes it expensive and prone to fraud.

Global sandbox.jpeg

Global assets &
global problems

There are over $500 trillion dollars worth of assets in the world held in various forms (money, stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, etc.), and all of these assets are held by over 100,000 stakeholders and custodians in their silos.

  • Transferring assets between these players is plagued with problems, costs, and inefficiencies.

  • The global cost of moving fiat currency alone wastes $2.2 trillion annually - and that is only money, let alone all of the other asset types.

  • As an example of the size and complexity of this industry, JP Morgan alone moves $8 trillion per day over 54 million transactions - that's $2,800 trillion over 196 billion transactions annually.

Okanii the future of money.jpeg

The solution -
The six pillars of the internet of value

The world needs an Internet of Value - the ability to send any value to anyone as simple, secure, and seamlessly as we send an email. Okanii is building the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce and is the only platform that satisfies all six pillars and more. We are experts in banking, payments, cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure, and we are solving some of the world's toughest problems in partnership with global institutions.

The Okanii solution is ...

1. Easy as taking a picture.

2. Fast as sending an email.

3. Secure as Fort Knox.

4. Cheap as air.

Decentralized tokens

5. Scalable for the world.

Okanii tokens

6. Ubiquitous with all assets on one platform.

Empowering everyone.jpeg

The internet of value

Send anything to anyone instantly with no risk or cost.


P2P Payments

Any amount, instant, even cross-border payments.

B2C Payments

Private, instant, virtually zero fraud, loyalty cash.

B2B Payments

Instant, no reconciliation, lower cost of capital.


Profitable payments as low as $0.01.


Central bank digital currency without disrupting commercial banks.

Treasury Management

Check balance and move funds around the globe in real-time.

Okanii tokens


Capital Markets

Instant settlement of funds and virtually no counterparty risk.


Virtually zero cost & zero fraud. Global providence.


All cryptos on one platform, global scalability.


Tokenized commodities at sub-retail level.

Real Estate

Fractionalized liquidity to an illiquid market.

Internet of Things

High throughput, low latency, and low-cost payments for IoT.

Okanii the future of money.jpeg

Global Asset Wallets

Hold any asset in your wallet or anywhere else. Programmable individual digital assets without the need for any rail. Not only do Okanii’s mints allow anyone to tokenize whatever value they hold, but Okanii’s wallets also allow anyone to store, spend and transfer any asset in their wallet.



Global Asset Wallets
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