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It's all about customer experience.

Convenience. Security. Privacy. Loyalty.

Okanii One
Richard Branson


Okanii built the Internet of Value infrastructure for global commerce. We are experts in banking, payments, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure, and we are solving some of the world's toughest problems in partnership with global institutions.


Everything stored in one place with the ability to pay anyone anywhere with any payment mechanism. We have taken ALL of the items in your wallets and conveniently put them in your smartphone; (cash, debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, receipts, ID). You will never have to carry your wallet again, and we want you to be able to put your car/house/office keys in there as well.

Now that is convenience.


Your transactions are your information. Our digital cash never carries any personal information, so there is nothing to steal. We separate any ID based authentication from the payment payload itself.

Digital Receipts

Never lose a receipt again, easy to search, retrieve, present, file and categorize.


Our digital cash uses some of the highest levels of encryption available. Additionally, these single-use digital coins are individually encrypted to virtually eliminate fraud, theft, hacking, counterfeiting, and double-spending.

Rewards / Loyalty

Get paid to shop, receive some of the highest rewards in the industry. We’ll even let you trade your loyalty points on an exchange.*

*subject to merchants approval


We can even include credentials to every digital coin allowing you to meet certain purchase requirements without having to disclose any personal information. i.e. age/location verification, citizenship, medical benefits, etc.

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