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Collision Conference Toronto June 20-23 2022

CEO of Okanii, Grant Colhoun with Rea Nero & Bahja Ibrahim of Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Excited to be part of the Collision Conference in Toronto June 20-23, 2022 at Toronto’s Enercare Centre. Collision brings together more than 33,000 attendees, 1,250 startups, and 850 investors over four packed days.

Want to learn more about the future of fintech and the future of payments? Drop by and say hello at our booth and meet some of our team members at Okanii. And while you are there, learn more about our global sandbox consortium.

Okanii's Global Sandbox Consortium

Okanii has built a global sandbox to develop and test new innovative use-cases on our platform. We can move any value as easily as the internet moves data.

The platform currently supports the following asset types:

  • Currencies – all 181 fiat currencies

  • Commodities – all publicly listed commodities

  • Crypto – sample cryptos

  • Unique Asset Tokens (UATs) – Next-Gen NFTs

  • CBDC – sample CBDCs

  • Loyalty – sample loyalty tokens

We are adding new asset types and use-cases to demonstrate the security, scalability, sustainability and efficiency of the platform.


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